Season 2022/2023

For January, February, March and April 2023 the starting day will always be Sunday
Advanced courses can start on any day

 1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days
Adult ski courses - Rookies / 4h per day, min. 3 participants, per person  € 325,--  
Individual courses Ski or Snowboard     
2 hours pre noon 10:00-12:00 (1-2 Pers)€ 190,--    
2 hours afternoon 13:00-15:00 (1-2Pers)€ 170,--    
- every additional person€ 25,--    
Individual course / 4 hours for 1 person€ 320,--    
- every additional person€ 25,--    
Childrens ski courses / 4h per day€ 90,--xx€ 260,--€ 275,--€ 290,--
- Lunchtime supervision per day€ 12,--    
Freeride Friday     
Requires safe skiing on piste.     
Rent for a pair of Freeride Skis€ 25,--    
4-5 hours (requires 4 participants)€ 97,--/person    
groupsize max. 6 people     
Freeride half-day (2 hours) for 2 participants€ 200,--    
- every additional person€ 25,--    
Freeride day (4-5 hours) for 2 participants€ 390,--    
- every additional person€ 30,--    
safety equipment included     

General Information for Children's Courses:

Help us make the course as comfortable as possible for your child by following some simple steps.
If possible, please label your child’s belongings - from helmet to ski poles. Anything that could be lost. Think about skiing - sunglasses, sun cream, etc.
We introduce ourselves to your child on the first day. Please let us know any important information to your knowledge (eg allergies, etc.)

It is very important to report when you pick up your child!

It is mandatory that children aged 15 or younger use helmets.